Shoes 12

Footwear that you can rely on every day.

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T-Shirts 21

T-shirt, a staple in any man's outfit. See our selection of sustainable, comfortable and good looking tees.

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Headwear & Gloves

Headwear & Gloves 17

Caps, beanies and gloves - all the things that protect you from the elements and finish your style.

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Watches & Bands

Watches & Bands 36

Carefully manufactured and well designed timepiece never goes out of style.

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Sunglasses 16

Sustainably produced sunglasses finalise the proper looks and convenience in sunshine.

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Umbrellas 6

Stick umbrellas and folding umbrellas for saving the rainy day. From classic gentleman's style to modern design.

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Belts 9

A good leather or canvas belt finalises your outfit.

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