High quality and practical accessories for your daily adventures. EDC = Everyday Carry

Key Holders Bottles & Cups Organisation Tools Flashlights Knives Lanyards & Beads Combs & Care Hanks Games & Fidget Toys Other Gear

Key Holders

Key Holders 161

Get rid of that random pile of keys and stay organised with proper key holder that functions well and looks good.

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Bottles & Cups

Bottles & Cups 67

Stay hydrated every day on your terms by high quality re-usable water bottle that lasts for years.

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Organisation 127

Protecting and organising your everyday carry and tech ie essential for smooth daily routine. We've got pouches, tech kits, pocket organisers and capsules for doing just that.

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Tools 149

Tools for tackling the expected and unexpected in your daily life. Knives, multi-tools, pocket tools, keyring toola and more.

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Flashlights 47

Whether it's the power going out in your home or trying to navigate unknown terrain in the outdoors, keeping one of these flashlights on hand could make all the difference.

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Knives 165

Whether you're opening a big Mukama shipment, sharpening a pencil or carving something cool, an everyday pocket knife always becomes handy.

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Lanyards & Beads

Lanyards & Beads 31

Lanyards and beads are great way to customise and improve the usability of your pocket tools.

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Combs & Care

Combs & Care 53

Hair and beard combs and brushes, helping you to look sharp at all times.

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Hanks 19

These EDC handkerchiefs can be used for cleaning phone screens and shining up your gear. A staple in every gentleman's daily carry.

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Games & Fidget Toys

Games & Fidget Toys 55

You never know when boredom hits or when you need to focus extra hard. Playing cards, fidget toys and worry stones and coins are easy to carry around and use whenever.

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Other Gear

Other Gear 13

Other personal everyday gear.

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