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Beebee bee salve is hand crafted in Finland from local, carefully selected ingredients. The salve is suitable for treating dry skin or rash. It combines the skin treating properties of hempseed oil and beeswax with the antibacterial effects of resin and propolis.

Contains only natural, renewable, Finnish raw materials: hempseed oil (Cannabis sativa, Fin-314®, Finola), beeswax (Cera flava), spruce resin (Picea abies), propolis (Propolis cera). May cointain small traces of pollen. Package size 60 g.

Back in the day, the maker himself got relief for dry hands from another bee salve. Few years ago when he started beekeeping, he though the salve could be made even better, including ingredients that for centuries have been known to have healing properties. And only natural, renewable and local materials. That is how Beebee was born!

  • Hand crafted in Finland from local materials by the beekeeper
  • For dry or wounded skin and rash
  • Natural & renewable ingredients
Bee Salve
Bee Salve
Bee Salve

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