Whether you are at work, on a road or just passing time in the city, here you can find high quality and functional bags and backpacks for every situation.

Backpacks Shoulder Bags & Totes Hip & Sling Bags Travel Bags Duffel Bags Packing & Toiletry Bag Accessories


Backpacks 100

Durable and well designed backpacks for everything from commuting to reaching the other side of the world, and everything in between.

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Shoulder Bags & Totes

Shoulder Bags & Totes 28

Durable and well designed shoulder bags, messengers and briefcases for carrying your essentials and showing up to the meeting like a pro.

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Hip & Sling Bags

Hip & Sling Bags 67

When you don't need much to carry, a sling or a hip bag keeps your hands free and pockets light.

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Travel Bags

Travel Bags 15

Whether it's a weekend trip or longer haul halfway around the world, we've got the travel bag for that.

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Duffel Bags

Duffel Bags 7

Well designed, multi-purpose and spacious duffel bags from gym and short trips.

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Packing & Toiletry

Packing & Toiletry 31

Smart packing is essential for smooth travels. The packing cubes help you organise and pack everything, while dopp kits keep toiletries and other necessities in check.

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Bag Accessories

Bag Accessories 40

Additioal straps, modules and camera cubes for various packing systems.

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Whether you're out hiking, commuting, on a bicycle or on a trip around the world, you're likely carrying something. For these purposes and more, check out our curated selection of shoulder bags, backpacks and travel bags from quality brands. We are doing our best to select only the bags that are sustainably produced and which fill the purpose of helping you to make the day.