Zip Pouch Pro

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  • X-PAC VX21 Black In Stock 18 pcs
  • X-PAC VX42 Black In Stock 20+ pcs
  • X-PAC X42 Olive Green In Stock 20+ pcs

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Zip Pouch with outer slots for EDC gear

The Zip Pouch Pro carries your cards, cash, tools and small essentials in a compact pocketable package. It has a secure storage space for frequently used items, and extra pocket for loose chain and other small items. Three external slots are great for carrying your EDC gear such as a torch and multi-tool.

  • 3 external slots for EDC tools
  • Weatherproof fabrics and zippers
  • YKK AquaGuard zippers

Data sheetProduct codes

  • Size130 × 85 mm
  • MaterialX-Pac™ VX21/X42/VX42, orange ripstop lining
  • ZipperYKK® AquaGuard®
  • Card capacity4-12
Zip Pouch Pro

Zip Pouch Pro

  • Martin Hamborg
  • Verified customer
  • Randers NØ, Denmark
  • 23.08.2022

Great product
Great little pouch for keeping small essentials organised

  • Sotiris
  • Verified customer
  • 14.08.2022

This is more a review of the design than the pouch itself...
This is a very well made pouch...

Aesthetically pleasing in design and in colors (inside-out)...

You feel the care and love that people put in making it when you hold it in your hands and especially when you open the zippers...

Quality all the way...

My mother who used a sewing machine for years, took a look at it and she mentioned how well built/stitched this pouch is...

I honestly have not used it yet as an EveryDayCarry and hope that it will stand to the test of usefulness and especially to the test of time...


I do want to mention TWO things that I strongly believe since the first couple of times I tried to fit different stuff in it...


1) Some people do not like the way zippers are in these pouches, because they do not open all the way and that makes putting and getting out things from the pouch more difficult. That is true BUT HAVING THE ZIPPERS THEY WAY THEY ARE IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOMETHING FROM INSIDE TO SLIP OUTSIDE AND LOSE IT WITH EASE. I cannot be sure but I don't believe that the designers did not have this in mind, but who knows...
Pesronally, I think the zippers are more than well as they are.

2) I cannot honestly see how can someone use the outside pockets with anything more than pretty slim stuff in them and be able to use with some ease the zipper pockets. Zipper pockets become pretty unusable, too tight, when you have a multitool on one pocket, a flashlight on another and lets say a pen on the third (3 outside pockets, basically one big pocket is divided by stitching to two smaller ones, check the photos/videos of the product). If you have in the zipper pockets anything more than paper, money, etc. you NEED to get out something from the outside pockets in order to be able to reach with your fingers inside the zipper pockets.
IF THEY COULD FIND A GOOD ELASTIC MATERIAL AND USE IT O-N-L-Y FOR THE OUTSIDE POCKETS (or wherever else they would see fit), THAT WOULD ALLOW (LOGICALLY) A FAR EASIER WAY TO REACH INSIDE THE ZIPPER POCKETS WHEN THE OUTSIDE POCKETS ARE FULL. Anyone who has this pouch can clearly understand what I mean, hopefully others too... N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E

In general, this is a very good pouch, their intentions, aspirations is there, but I DO BELIEVE THAT THE NEXT ONE WILL be MUCH CLOSER TO WHAT THEY TRIED TO SUCCEED WITH THIS ONE...


Since I have not used the pouch yet in my edc I cannot be definite in my reviewing on it.

Who knows, when I use it more I may find it great all the way...

(Alpaka) Their heart is in the right place with that pouch and the overall quality of this is really really good. For what I believe they intended they got pretty close... still I will give them 5 stars because this is a pretty cool, useful, well made pouch no matter how you see it!

Hope that this review is helpful to some...

Take care...

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Zip Pouch Pro

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